Featured Artist: Andy Budnick

Just a man and his art.

For our first edition of Featured Artist we’re focusing on my longtime buddy, Andy Budnick. Andy was gracious enough to let us showcase some of his art and take the time to answer my questions, so enjoy and give his stuff a looksee! 

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor (art Andy Budnick, characters owned by Marvel Comics)
Iron Man, Captain America, Thor (art Andy Budnick, characters owned by Marvel Comics)
What initially drew you into the world of comics? And what made you want to be a comic artist?
What drew me into comics? I think what drew me into comics was my interest in the old Universal movie monsters that my dad instilled in me at 3 years old. At 4 years I could honestly name all the actors in those rolls. So I had an interest in the weird and abnormal already. I knew of Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and the Hulk too. Then came the Ninja Turtles and I fell in love with them. But in 1991, a classmate brought in Erik Larsen’s Spider-Man #15 and Jim Lee’s X-Men #2 and they were unlike anything I’d ever seen. I loved the look of the comic art. I thought it had such an intensity. After seeing those issues I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind doing that!” I was seven years old and can still remember the exact spot I was in when I decided that.
How have you cultivated your artistic talents towards a career in comics?
Every day since then went toward that dream. Saturdays during my fifth grade year were spent at the local art college taking youth comic art classes. I ended up graduating from that same college, Kendall College of Art and Design, in 2009 from the Illustration program, with honors. Since then I’ve attended conventions and submitted art for review with Marvel, all along working on multiple indie comic projects.
Art by Andy Budnick, characters owned by Marvel Comics
Art by Andy Budnick, characters owned by Marvel Comics
You have the ear of ___ publisher, and you can pitch whatever series you want. What is it?
If I had the ear of DC/Vertigo I’d pitch a sequel to Alex Ross’ Uncle Sam. Otherwise I wouldn’t pitch a thing (except Bluster), I’d just say, “Put me where you want me, I’m honored to work for you!”
What are you reading right now?
Right now I’m reading mostly Marvel since the Marvel NOW launch, and Batman also, but the book I probably look forward to the most each month is Saga!
Editor’s note: Oh hellz yeah, Saga!

Where can we find your work?

In August you can see my work for the book my friend Kenny Porter and I are putting out called “Bluster.” The four issues will be released digitally through Comixology with a planned hard copy of the trade that we’ll fund with a Kickstarter.

Art by Andy Budnick and cover design by Tracey Nowinski.
Art by Andy Budnick and cover design by Tracey Nowinski.
Bluster is about a man who breaks out of a prison for super humans and saves a family. The family helps the man as he helps them escape their inner prisons. I adore that cover for the simplicity of the artwork, and how it brings to mind a John Cassady-like feel. 
If you’d like to further check out Andy’s artwork go to his studio’s Facebook or his art blog, and if you have any questions or commission requests you can write to him at budnickart@gmail.com. You can follow Andy on Twitter at  
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